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Published: Monday, January 15, 2024


Programs in 2024:

Jan 22 - End of Year Awards Dinner

Feb 26 - Behind the Lens, 40 Years a Newspaper Photographer

Mar 18 - LGSCC Members Program Night

Apr 15 - Raj Bose's Guide to Editing Landscape Photos: Lightroom and Photoshop Made Simple

May 20 - Seeing Beyond "What Kind of Camera Did You Use?" Equipped with Wonder by Becky Jaffe 


Programs in 2023:

Feb 27 - Jim Katzman:  What you should know about our website

March 27 - Favorite Software Programs and Plug ins

Jul 17 - Rick Whitacre: Photographing the Aurora

Aug 21- Tim Meadows: Photographing flowers using a light box.

Sept 18 - Special Interest Group (SIG) Showcase Night

Oct 16 - Inspire - Short slide shows by members hosted by Airdrie Kincaid

Nov 20 - Field Trip Showcase with Irina Nekrasova and Kent Bossange


Programs in 2022:

Feb 28 - Eric Gray Members Choice Judging of EOY competition
Mar 21- Tim Aston: Landscape Photography - Home in the Eastern Sierra

Apr 18 - Roman Kurywczak - Photographing Birds – from portraits to flight 

May16 - Krisztina Scheeff - Photographing the Spirit of Birds - a Zoom meeting

June 20 - Shiv Verma -Mirrorless Cameras for Wildlife Photography (Birds and Mammals combined or individually) - a zoom meeting

July 18 - Julieanne Kost - Creating Impactful Images using Lightroom Classic and Photoshop - in person meeting; streaming over zoom is available. Aug 15 - Astro Showcase hosted by Rick Whitacre -- The Zoom invite can be found on the home page under "meetings" ->  Next Program Zoom Invite Sept19 - Becky Jaffe Oct 17 - Jacqueline Deely - An Insider's View of Photography in the Polar Regions Nov 21- Lenny Eiger-Landscape and People Photography using large and medium format


 Programs in 2021:

   February 15 - Steve Gettle - Building an Image

   February 21 - Tim Grey - Virtual Photo Conference

   March 15 - Tim Grey - Removing distractions with Photoshop

   April 19 - Cole Thompson - Monochrome Photography

   May 17 - Members Night

   June 21-  Jan Silverman & Jeffry Pawlan - Color: Getting it Right

   July 19- E. J. Peiker - E.J. Peiker will discuss his favorite photographs from over the years and talk about the field techniques, preparation, or whatever was necessary to create the image. For each photo he will impart some form of field knowledge that allowed him to get the shot.

   August 16 - Postponed to October  due to Internet failure

   September 20 - Betty Sederquist - The Creative Side of Photography

   October 18 - Gary Crabbe -SEEING THE PHOTO - Behind the Making of Special Landscape and Travel Images.

   November 15 - TBD


Past Programs:

click on a past program for links to recordings and downloads.

July 21  --   Photographing Northern Tanzania

September 21 -- Are Your Photos Safe?

October 19  --  Member Photo Critique Night

November 16  --  Capturing the Soul:  One at a Time


Member Driven Programs:

Date tbd  --  Travel Tripods

Date tbd  --  Full Frame Mirrorless vs Micro 4/3


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