July 21 Program: Photographing Northern Tanzania

Published: Monday, June 1, 2020


This is a presentation from a safari operator that specializes in northern Tanzania. 

  •   What makes northern Tanzania different from other eastern and southern safari destinations.
  •   What you can photograph here that you can’t photograph elsewhere.
  •   A synopsis of the parks and their highlights
  •    Safari vehicles – really important differences between the different vehicle types 
  •    Essential ingredients for a successful private photographic safari -most of them are subtle but can hugely impact the resulting quality of experience.
      If an operator doesn’t mention them, it’s because they’re not included.
  •   Different types of safari operators and how this can impact the quality of your trip. Not all safaris are equal.
  •   Some simple logistics and trip dynamics

The presentation has been uploaded to the club website and may be downloaded as a PDF (not a ZOOM recording).

PDF of the presentation:   Photographing Tanzania

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