Programs, Small Study Groups, Mentoring, and Exhibits

Published: Friday, April 9, 2010



The second meeting of the month is a presentation on some aspect of photography, for the interest and education of members. Two of the program nights include potluck dinners. See the Calendarfor details. To promote the education mission of the club, members also share their interests and knowledge through field trips, small study groups, and personal mentoring.


Field Trips

Detailed information on field trips can be found by clicking field trips.

Another way to share expertise and engage with the club is to join a group field trip. These vary in many ways, including day trips to local events and locations, as well as out of town trips. They also vary in the type and subject of photography. You are guaranteed to see something you have not seen before.   Field trips are listed on the club Calendar.

Members interested in leading a trip should contact the Field Trip Coordinator listed on the Contacts page.   The trip will be announced via email, put on the calendar, linked here, and you'll have the opportunity to announce at club meetings.

  • Interested in hosting a field trip?  Click here and send the proposed trip to the Field Trip Coordinator.
  • Looking for ideas for a field trip?  Or have a suggestion to add to our list?  Click here.


Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups (SIGs) are led by volunteer members who share their expertise in various topics of interest to the members. Some courses are survey types that cover broad areas, such as Photoshop and can be set up for members of all levels of experience. Typically, they include several members and meet for several weeks. Other study groups are smaller, meet less frequently, are focused more narrowly, and are suited for members of any level of experience who don't need or want a full course. Finally, some members have a just a very specific question that could be answered in a single session. To join a SIG, visit this page and hit “Join”!

Volunteers interested in leading any special interest groups are asked to contact the President listed on the Contacts page who will then circulate the course offerings to the entire membership. In the circular, interested members are asked to contact the leaders directly for more information and to set up the logistics.

To provide members with information about the courses, the volunteer leaders are asked to provide as much of the following information as possible. If flexible, say so.

  • Descriptive Title
  • Number of students
  • The time of the year
  • Syllabus - either specific or general
  • Number of sessions
  • Length of each session
  • Frequency (1x/wk, 1x/mo, 1x only)
  • Time and location



Another educational component is mentoring, which is seen as a way to provide more informal, individualized assistance for new club members regarding familiarization with competitions, educational programs and events such as field trips. Mentoring can be accomplished via by telephone, Zoom sessions, or other means, and are arranged by mentors and students themselves. Members interested in volunteering as mentors and members interested in finding mentors should contact the Membership VP on the Contacts page.



The club has an annual Art of Photography Exhibit print exhibit. See the Calendar for dates and details.


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