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May 2022
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Deadline for Entering Projected Images for May Club Competition (9:59 AM PDT)
Projected Image Entry Deadline is 10 AM
Competition: Color, Monochrome, Photojournalism, Nature (7:30 PM PDT)
Judge: Gary Crabbe Gary Crabbe is an award-winning photographer and author living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gary began his photographic career spending nearly a decade managing the image library for famed National Geographic photographer Galen Rowell. Since then, his own client and publication credits include the National Geographic Society, New York Times, Forbes Magazine, TIME Magazine, Victoria's Secret, The North Face, Sunset, L.L. Bean, Subaru, The Nature Conservancy, and The Carnegie Museum of Natural History to name but a few. He has seven published books to his credit as principal photographer, the last two of which he also authored. His most recent book, Photographing California; Vol. 1 – North, won the prestigious IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal Award for Best Regional Title. His fine art prints hang in private collections, corporate offices, hospitals, and government installations including Andrews Air Force Base, The Department of the Interior in Washington DC, and in the American Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. His work has also been used by the National Park Service, and can be seen on display at several locations, including Haleakala National Park on Maui, Hawaii. In 2018, the United States Postal Service released seven of Gary’s photos – a nearly unprecedented number for an individual photographer -- as USPS Forever Postage Stamps. These photos are now immortalized as part of the USPS O Beautiful collection, a 20-image set of stamps celebrating the hymn, America the Beautiful. To see more of Gary’s work, including his USPS Stamp photos, visit his web site at
Special Interest Groups - Rotation, Novice, Monochrome, Photoshop (7:30 PM PDT)
Program: Krisztina Scheeff - Photographing the Spirit of Birds (7:30 PM PDT)
There is a thrill in capturing the exciting moment of a Grebe running across the water’s surface, or that split-second shot of a baby bird poking its head from its nest. Renowned nature photographer Krisztina Scheeff of KS Nature Photography expertly photographs these moments. In this talk, Krisztina will delve into the stories of her favorite birds, such as the sweet Atlantic Puffins in Scotland, and the explosive flight of the Sandhill Cranes in Bosque del Apache. From California to Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica and Scotland, Krisztina will take you on a journey of wildlife photography, birds and more.  Krisztina will also share useful tips for finding and photographing birds in the wild, including San Diego’s celebrities: the rushing Grebes of Lake Hodges. Bio:   KRISZTINA SCHEEFF  / KS Nature Photography Wildlife & Landscape Photographer | Conservationist | Photography Educator | World Traveler Based in San Diego CA Krisztina Scheeff is an award-winning and professional nature photographer. Recognized for her photographic work in National Audubon Society as well as a finalist in the prestigious Wildlife Photograph of the Year competition, Krisztina’s photos have been published in magazines and articles around the world, including National Geographic, Wild Planet Photo Magazine, California 101, San Diego Audubon Society, American Wild Magazine, Birders Digest, Marine Conservation Magazine – UK, North American Nature Photography Association, and more. They have also been featured in Art Shows and Galleries around the country. Krisztina operates a successful business leading Photography Workshops & Tours to Scotland (Puffins), Ireland, Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hungary, Bosque del Apache, Grand Teton NP and more. She also leads workshops for Bird Festivals around the country and presents at various events.  Krisztina spent years studying and photographing the Rushing Grebes and guides her clients at Lake Hodges in
Special Interest Group - Seeing In Sixes (7:30 PM PDT)

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