Printed Image Competition

Published: Friday, January 1, 2016

Print Competitions

Entry Deadlines and Forms

Although the meeting itself starts at 7:30 PM, on competition nights the deadline for entering prints is 7:15 PM. The digital copy of the print must be uploaded by 10 AM on the day of the competition so people can see the image over Zoom.

Members may enter a total of three images into a monthly competition with a maximum of two images in any one category and a maximum of three  printed images and a maximum of two projected images. Categories are defined below. Media are defined as Digital/Projected and Print.

Any image may be resubmitted ONE time, provided it did not place in competition the first time submitted. Place is defined as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Honorable Mention.

A print entry form must be completed and submitted for each print. It consists of two parts; one identifies the maker of the print so your print can find its way back to you (labeled "info"), and the other is used by the Print team should your print win in competition (labeled "scoring").  Print entry forms are available for download in PDF format and Word format. Please print or computer type your title on the forms. Make sure you identify the "Top" of your matted photo and align the two parts so they are lined up properly with the orientation of the photo.

The maximum print size is 16 " X 20" matted. You can go smaller but not larger. Framed prints, metal prints,  or prints with attachments that might damage other prints will not be accepted. The maker's name must not appear on the face of the mount or print.

If you are planning to use your mats over again and don't want to permanently glue them down, please make sure you use masking tape or some other non-permanent method to affix the photo to the mat and also close the mat around the photo.


. Please click here to watch a video for uploading images.

The print team would like members to make every attempt to submit thumbnails of their print onto the website before the 10 am deadline on the Monday competition.  If however this is not possible then “walk-ins” are allowed.  The criteria for walk-in print is:

  1. The print should be accompanied by a .jpg of the image either on a USB Flash Drive or a CD so that the print committee can add the image to the website.  If a .jpg of the image is not available (lost file, etc.) then the print committee will substitute a “ No Digital Thumbnail Available” instead. The USB drive will be returned to the member at the following meeting.
  2. The walk-in sign up sheet needs to be filled out with the title of the print, the maker of the print and the competition category. The walk-in sign up sheet will be located on the table next to the prints.

If any member is uncomfortable with using the system to upload images, they can bring the digital copy to the Competition on a USB drive (or CD-ROM), but we encourage all members to get trained on the system to reduce the workload for our volunteers.

Special exceptions can be made for first-time participants who were not aware of the procedure.

Print Entry Deadline: 10 AM  on the Monday of a competition (see the calendar).

Print Categories

Each competition night will include a Print competition. Refer to the Club Calendar for the categories included on specific dates. The Print categories include the following:

Examples for each competition category:  Color, Monochrome, Photo-Journalism, Creative, Nature, Travel

Print Competition Levels

We have only one competition level for prints: Advanced 


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