Carolyn Ramsay Award

Published: Sunday, January 26, 2014


Carolyn Ramsay

Oct 6, 1940 -- May 22, 2006


Many of us had the good fortune to have been a member of our club during Carolyn’s time and remember her as the go-to person for information, procedures, rules, regulations and protocol for our club, 6c’s,  PSA, Foto Clave, etc.  She held almost every office in this club at one time or another and was also  the 6c’s Rep for many years.   Carolyn was a passionate award winning photographer, as well as a judge for camera clubs locally, nationally and internationally for the Photographic Society of America, or PSA. 

 She loved field trips and I think she would have driven her SUV anywhere if she believed that she could find a great image there. She also had this wonderful ability to teach through judging, critiquing, demonstrating and sharing any new technique or photographic process that she may have just learned at a recent workshop or seminar or through personal experimentation.

Carolyn gave very generously of her time, talent and personal resources to anyone who had a need or interest in doing something at which she was already accomplished. Carolyn set the standard for a well functioning camera club and how to be a friendly, helpful and participating club member.

When she passed away in May 2006, Carolyn left a monetary gift to the club.  The board decided to create an annual award in her honor, the Carolyn Ramsay Award.  


To view just four of her images as a slide show, click here.


The Carolyn Ramsay Award


To be considered for this award, a club member must:

  •          Demonstrate photographic skills by scoring amongst the highest point  levels of the year in our competitions.
  •          Have held at least one officer position
  •          Helped the club with extra effort as such occasions arose.
  •          Always friendly and congenial.
  •          Work to improve the club’s operation


Previous winners of this award are:  Airdrie Kincaid (2006), Don Schremp (2007), Peggy Patterson (2008), Betty Toepfer (2009), JoAn Lambert (2010),  Rick Whitacre (2011), Bernie Weinzimmer (2012), John Perry (2013), Larry Rosier (2014), Tim Meadows (2016), Jim Katzman (2017), Larry Shapiro (2018), Alan Levenson (2019), Sherry Grivett (2020), Eric Gray (2021), Mercury Freedom (2022), Irina Nekrasova (2023).

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