Currently Planned Field Trips

Published: Monday, July 5, 2021


August 6-10:

Monterey Car Week 2021

This is not a "field trip" in the sense of a one day outing, but rather an activity that club members are encouraged to attend.  The Monterey Car Week features multiple venues and festivities.  Being a car aficionado is not required.  Some of the activities require tickets but many do not.  Check out activities and dates here - Monterey Car Week

Later in the month of August there will be a "post field trip" Zoom meeting open to all where we can all share our photos.



October 3:

Stanford University Campus


The Field Trip Committee has changed the date and venue of the next formal field trip for our Camera Club to the Stanford campus on October 3 at 8:00 a.m. This field trip will be in lieu of the Sept. 13 trip to San Francisco’s Aquatic Park.

There are several spots that offer photographic opportunities.

1.The main quad is flanked by arched walkways of yellow sandstone with wonderful shadows playing in the light. The Memorial Church has lovely nooks and crannies. It might even be open. This historic area of Stanford offers great opportunity for black and white photos.

2. The Arizona (cactus) garden is another place on campus. Several members have gone there and might be willing to lead anyone who may wish to bring a macro lens or another lens and focus on this space. There also may be humming birds here.

3. The Cantor Museum is another location to explore. Sue Anawalt would be happy to help you find the Serra Sculpture behind the museum. It offers opportunities for abstract or geometric type photos. Also at the Cantor is the Rodin Sculpture Garden. If you go online, you may obtain free tickets to enter the museum.

4. An additional spot that someone might want to explore is the Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden. It has twenty pole sculptures in an out of way spot at Stanford.

If you are interested in joining this trip, email

October 31:

Pfieffer Tunnel phenomenon

The photo below shows the sun shining thru at the end of the day.  On the night of October 31th a portion of the Milky Way will be visible thru the tunnel.   More info to come. Dates may change slightly as tides must be taken into account.


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