Published: Monday, January 16, 2023


Education Workshops 2024:

June 19: Portrait Photography with Sue Anawalt - Zoom


Other Educational Opportunities:

The Photographic Society of America is a terrific low-cost option. PSA members can take a variety of free webinars and online courses through the PSA website ( Individual membership costs $65 per year, with discounts if you choose a multiyear membership. (The webinars and online courses are offered only to individuals, not clubs.)

There are 47 or so webinars offered in the categories of Software, Travel, Techniques, Street & Urban, and Miscellaneous. The Miscellaneous category covers many specialized subjects such as floral photography, astrophotography, landscape photography, as well as approaches such as Wabi Sabi.

PSA online courses include:

  • Street Photography. Focuses on the art of seeing with a camera and arresting images in the moment, wherever in the world you are.
  • Digital Photography. Discusses why and how to adjust your camera while accomplishing related photography assignments.
  • Portrait Photography. Covers the power of lighting, composition, simplicity, and details in available light photography.
  • Introduction to Photoshop. Shows the basics of Photoshop.
  • Creating Images for PSA Competitions & Exhibitions. Covers how to capture and process images to a standard suitable for entering club competitions and international exhibitions.
  • Image Evaluation. Helps you to develop a basic understanding of the key elements that make an image and to be able to review your own images objectively.
  • History of Photography. Discover the founders and early workers in analog photography.

Past Workshops in 2024

Panoramic Photography with Larry Shapiro - Downtown San Jose
     - Link to Youtube Video
 Deepscape Photography, by Rick Whitacre (Zoom)
Past Workshops in 2023

July 13:  Debbie Sy -  Photo editing Session

Compositing in Photoshop, by Charles Ginsburgh (fee required)


Past Workshops in 2022

These workshops were presented by LGSCC members for LGSCC members at no charge.

Capturing the Night Sky Using an Equatorial Tracker, by Rick Whitacre (Zoom)

Focus Stacking, by Tim Meadows (Zoom)
The when, why, and how-to of stacking images to get greater depth-of-field.

Creating Still Life Images, by Larry Shapiro (in person)
A hands-on session for composing and capturing still life images with a followup online session on post-processing techniques.

Hand-On Portrait Photography Using Flash, by Eric Gray and Paul Streit (in person)
A workshop in portrait photography with a male model. 

The Art of Seeing by Eric Gray (Zoom)
Learn about the 4 P’s: Planning, Perspective, Persistence and Pushing the shutter and ways to train your eye to see new ways to compose scenes.

Understanding Competition Categories by Bernie Weinzimmer (Zoom)
This workshop answers common questions around PJ, nature, and travel images so that you can choose the appropriate category for submission to LGSCC competitions.

Infrared Photography: What is it and How to Get Started, by Tim Aston (Zoom)
Drawing from his experience with 720 nm IR photography, Tim shared what he knows about capturing infrared images.

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