Published: Sunday, February 6, 2022


One month prior to a workshop, club members will receive email inviting them to register.

Focus Stacking, by Tim Meadows
May 10
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Have you ever wished that your entire subject was in sharp focus? Focus stacking allows you to combine multiple images taken at different focal planes into one sharp image. Tim will explain why you might want to use this technique and the situations for which it is most useful. You’ll get to see examples of his work that is sure to inspire you to stack your own images.

Creating Still Life Images, by Larry Shapiro
July 27, 10AM to 4PM 
Great still Images require a creative juxtaposition of items that tell a story and great lighting. Larry will share his tips for getting started with still life images. He’ll also share some of his secrets for collecting items suitable for a still life.  This workshop will be in-person and hands-on, limited to 15 participants. See a full description of the workshop.

Understanding Competition Categories by Bernie Weinzimmer 
August 24, 7:30 PM 
This workshop will help answer common questions around PJ, nature, and travel images. The goal is to help you understand each category better so that you not only improve the images you capture, but choose the appropriate category for submission to LGSCC competitions. You’ll see both good and less-than-good examples of each category and get a better understanding of what disqualifies an image from a category. The first part of the workshop will be a talk. In the second part, Bernie will provide feedback on images that participants bring to the workshop.

The Art of Seeing by Eric Gray
August 10
The Art of Seeing is all about the P’s: Planning, Perspective, Persistence and Pushing the shutter. In this one-hour presentation, Eric will discuss ways to train your eye to see new ways to compose scenes.

Infrared Photography: What is it and How to Get Started, by Tim Aston 
Sept 8
Drawing from his experience with 720 nm IR photography, Tim will share what he knows about capturing infrared images. He will talk about his IR journey and share with you tips for getting up to speed smoothly. This workshop is aimed at photographers who do not have an infrared camera, but who would like to get started. If you have no intention of doing infrared photography, you can sign up to learn why IR images look as they do. 


Capturing the Night Sky Using an Equatorial Tracker, by Rick Whitacre

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